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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Score Board: guardians of the Galaxy

While the average viewer does not automatically handle this, the overall sound of the film is decisive for our pleasure. As regards the composers, it's almost like it's engineered their own movies from filmmakers, increased activity, the whimsical drama, and cells for romance. What is unique about hearing the music, film, then home and hears themselves. Mark a large composition is a movie that perfectly complement the independent listening, creating new images of all of your own in your head.

This week we are going back into the world of Marvel for a song in the heart of the guardians of The Galaxy, from regular collaborator James Gunn Tyler Bates. Bates is known for a more modest Genre stuff, so is very familiar territory for him, as Marvel is trying to, at least one of its decorated composers yet. There are many things to discuss, and it can be dull, spoilers, let's try not to mention when some plot details.

Who is responsible?

Tyler Bates is on the loose, moving between two worlds, television, movies and video games, often contribute only one track or two. His score for horror films such as the Devil's rejects, see No Evil and Halloween tend to be minimalist but heavy, relying on atonal, grinding vibration. He has been to capitalize on new horizons in the mid-aughts in his work with Zack Snyder: he melded electronic material with traditional Horn orchestration based on 300. But his most ambitious enterprise was the policemen, which spotlights a variety of skits and the proposals of the other score, from the dreamy electronic vibration of Vangelis ' Blade Runner's themes in the relentless sound work of the Dark Knight Hans Zimmer. Surprisingly, Bates did not appear on the soundtrack for three years, his last work credited film was for little thriller The Darkest Hour. This is his third collaboration with Director James Gunn, the following slide and Super.

What is that sound? Bates scores are usually overshadowed by the collaboration with the directors, who adore the pop-music. Such as Bates may not provide as much recorded material as some other composers, when working with someone like Gunn or Rob Zombie. However, the tone will be part of the creation of this world, so Bates was large, producing a series of sloppy, big budget tracks that give the audience a tough sell, looking for the General Genre of excitement. Although the guardians of the Galaxy has a number of pop music recorded moments, there are a few action scenes that need great songs for it, as is the tradition with a great sensation.

The end result is quite anonymous, in fact, and it would not be surprising if more powerful moments are borrowed from other composers: it seems that huge chunks of this score to borrow from Brian Tyler work on Thor: the dark world, while also feeling crowded Alan Silvestri Avengers glory there. There is no consistency of the tracks, as if Bates is trying on different cliche stunt, such as staccato violin of crescendos or vibrating synth. Listen to independent, separate from the film feels like a few score playing all at once, no one too inspired. Bates wins a prize, the majority of the writing no more interesting rhythms make considerable callbacks, and many simply dissolve thoroughly into each other.

Do you feel with the Marvel movies, for now, composers were aided by the fact that the heroes of some of the films were easier to understand, well defined, which leads to the slightly an anthemic compositions. But no one knows the guardians, which means that the Bates needed to find meaning to a relatively amorphous team concept. What could have helped was Gunn insistence that Bates to upload a couple of tracks in advance so that it could make a movie with the original kernel. It is easy to imagine most of this music that Bates just had no idea what he was scoring.

Standout tracks:

The character gets his own theme of Groot and wonderful moment in the film, where he shines light for the crew, a beautiful, muted version of the game, called Groot keys. Surprisingly it's smaller moments of the score, not the Bates forte, that shines the brightest, and this seems to effectively combine the sound of a big studio with its own minimalist, low budget Bates synth feel.

How it plays in the film:

As mentioned earlier, the moments with Groot bot, mainly because they do not speak too much, allowing his theme to resonate. The schranzu songs underline the action sequences of the film quite well, with the main theme of surfacing during a moment of heroism. But mostly, it is not necessary to hear the music, often recedes into the film considerable pop-music catalog.

The perfect listening:

Your child needs a super heroic music for the presentation of the school, but you don't want to play too familiar? Bingo. Your child will love you.

What's in my IPod?:

-Tyler Bates, the Watchmen: I went with the men in the hope that it would make some sense for a new South Africa concert Bates. Bates's work on this film remains unparalleled, one of the undervalued element of the controversial film. Each character gets his own theme, and you can tell where and what classic films, from which they are derived.

-This, Duna: it was a bad idea to use the soft rock band score vaguely European epic? Maybe there is just nothing complicated or far-reaching as Frank Herbert source material. Divorced from the era, though, it is fun to listen to, he leaned on the more classical approach with elements of rock, strewn about.

-Fernando Velazquez, Hercules. Inexperienced Valezquez delivers a scores of swords and sandals adventure really corny old school. I listened to it several times and it is really simplistic and engrossing, fun time nowhere with a limited sonic experimentation. Listen, if you want to March into battle, but I don't want the final result.

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Ghostbusters 3 May to pass the scepter for women

Paul Feig was on a bit of a roll in the past few years. His foray into feature filmmaking is poorly received by minors, in 2011 the silenced all critics with hit of the bridesmaids. Not only was the film a blockbuster success-pulling in $ 288 million worldwide reported 32.5 million dollars budget on-continues with The heat, which is on the same level (which is $ 229 million to $ 43 million budget). He is currently in post-production on the next project, Melissa McCarthy-led action-comedy Spy, but now the messages say it is ready to jump on his first great series.

Insider sources inform that The Hollywood Reporter, Paul Feig is now the number one candidate taking the Director's Chair for Ghostbusters 3. The position is vacant from March, as Ivan Reitman-filmmaker behind the Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II-decided to step in after the death of the original asked Harold Ramis. Reitman is still onboard as a producer, and Sony continues to move forward with a script that would be written by Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg (even if it has been modified since graduating from Ramis ').

At this point, Feig is the favorite, but it is not yet a done deal. The Director of "showed interest" in the project, but formal negotiations have not yet started. Business report makes no mention of other directors, who are potentially for work, but they mention 22 Jump Street Phil Lord and Chris Miller-who had been rumored to work just one day after Reitman left his post. THR says that the message of the Lord and Miller are inaccurate, although addressed the story when we talked with them in June.

While Director of the search dragged on, really interesting tidbit just dropped into the middle of the new report, it is noted that the film will focus on the women's team of Ghostbusters-which in fact does Feig solid choice. Not only the two last two Feig's features were the female-driven (three if you include the Spy), was also a brilliant mind behind the television series freaks and geeks-that centered on Linda Cardellini angsty teenager character Lindsay Weir and her personal struggles, growing up in the mid-80s Michigan. I was too surprised if some of the many funny women, which in the past has collaborated with Feig wind join on this new adventure.

Ghostbusters 3 to start production at the beginning of the year 2015, and while Sony has not set a release date yet, probably we can assume that a theatrical release happens sometimes in 2016. Dan Aykroyd is committed to return as Dr. Raymond Stantz, when Bill Murray said, but returns as Dr. Peter Venkman. Ernie Hudson, who played Winston Zeddmore, is a bit of a question mark at this stage, as he was quoted, he said, "there cannot be another Ghostbusters without Harold."

You want to see Paul Feig took over the reins of the Ghostbusters 3? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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Batman in Superman the movie: what we know so far

For a long time been told that Warner Bros. and DC Comics was prepping the film Justice League for release in 2015. Seemingly in response to incredible success with Marvel Avengers, it seemed that we finally went to see heroes such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Flash together on the big screen in live action for the first time ever.

With no longer the case. After months of reports, rumors and speculation about 2015 movie Justice League fell apart. But in its place, rose from the ashes like a Phoenix, it is a completely different project for fans of the comic book movie for: Superman/Batman in 2016.

The Film was officially titled Batman in Superman: the Dawn of Justice and the collection of all of the messages that has come out from the new film and sequel to the Man of Steel-, it was announced that we've broken absolutely everything we know so far about the project. When is the movie coming out in theaters? Who will direct? Who will play? What's the story about? You will find all the answers to these questions and more below!

Henry Cavill and Zack Snyder on Man of Steel
Due to the fact that the man of steel more than 660 million dollars around the world, was very little hope that Zack Snyder and Director David Goyer I t return to the sequel, and this assumption was proven true when Batman in Superman: the Dawn of Justice was announced at Comic-Con in 2013 with Snyder directing and working with Goyer to develop the story. While Goyer wrote the original draft screenplay, finally, Academy Award winning screenwriter Chris Terrio Argo picked up the pen. Production started with the planned hit on Ko 6 may 2016. And what's more Snyder is now officially attached to direct the upcoming film Justice League, which in the Batman, Superman will lead directly into the.Batman v Superman logo
When Warner Bros. announced that they would move forward with the movie, Superman/Batman, that the person belongs to a plot synopsis, tells us about what the movie is, but the title to provide us with an interesting tip. While we expect that they will eventually fighting on the same side at the end of the story, the name of the Batman in Superman: the Dawn of Justice suggests that the Dark Knight and the man of steel will be from the film as enemies. In shots on Comic-Con San Diego 2014 was proposed, that the man of steel has a big beef with the Caped Crusader as the latter with the former, but it is still unclear. How the story will deal with all of the major supporting characters also remains a mystery.Henry Cavill as Superman
Following the footsteps of Marvel Studios and begins to build a larger film universe, the Warner Bros. doing Batman in Superman: the Dawn of Justice establish a new view of the Caped Crusader and build on what has already been established with the man of tomorrow. As expected, Henry Cavill playing Clark Kent/Superman will return and will continue to learn how to live up to his fate and also trying to find its place on Earth with humanity. Something tells us that the hero will be probably also will have to deal with the fact that the man of steel not only kill him his enemy, General Zod, but also offset half of the metropole in the battle in advance.

Proceed to the first look at the new Batman with his new Batmobile and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman to ...

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Star Wars Episode VII: Darth Vader showed up to play the wrestler

If you really want to be an actor, starts as a professional wrestler is not the worst way to go about it. The rock is one of the biggest stars in the world. Bautista has played a major role in guardians of the Galaxy and Hulk Hogan was in a series of Rocky. The overlap may occur on a semi-regular basis, therefore, is the latest Star Wars, says it is not t is immediately buried in the garden.

The former WWE Champion Sheamus recently went back to Ireland to spend a little time. While there, supposedly lived near Skellig Michael, who just so happen to where Star Wars: Episode VII shot. Most people would do with coincidence to believe, but according to the Irish Mirror, there he was, because he could appear as Darth Vader in the upcoming movie. Of course, it is quite absurd, but Sheamus has actually played famous villain on a promotional tour before, and if it appears to the Darth Vader, he will likely plays a large, invisible dude in a black suit and voiced by James Earl Jones.

As a true showman Sheamus did absolutely nothing to dispel rumors when she got his attention on Twitter

As our sister site giant freakin Robot pointed out there with almost no scenario that would see Sheamus plays modern Darth Vader would be a giant freaking disaster. He (really old spoiler alert) he died decades ago, and he doesn t need to be brought back through some magic, hocus pocus crap that would in turn franchises in the joke. It's been said that could appear, flashback or a vision, that of the characters has. Both of these scenarios are believable, and they even add some of the evolution of key figures, if properly processed.

More than likely, this will be the reputation of the pass without Sheamus appears in Star Wars: Episode VII, but I'd say it will be the worst thing in the world if he, at least, it was in the above conditions.

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Guardians of the Galaxy: GIF Reviews

Marvel expands their film Empire/narrative space to welcome in the village area of outlaws, who are our last hope against the Galactic genocide. Guardians of The Galaxy takes the cinema attack and inspiring critics Geek out and rejoice.

Eric has unveiled its five-star rating, as well as the weighed in on the film's use of 3D. Sean has put a lot of thought to whether or not this miracle of a movie suitable for children. And we gave you, what place, where you can gripe about this new version with all the spoilers your heart desires. Installation of the fandemonium and discussions of the Guardians of The Galaxy I offer my GIF review, charting the ups and downs of this wild ride.

Warning: minor spoilers lie ahead.

I knew nothing about this Marvel comic line. At a time when my press screening reviews were already rolled around, declaring the guardians of The Galaxy for a big fat hit for Marvel. So far I've loved just about everything this franchise has been thrown out there and expect a rousing and entertaining film. However, already in the fevered pitch of the hype, I felt a little doubtful. So let the guardians.

Start in America with a small Earth Barb Peter his Walkman and panicked at the thought of his mother dying of cancer. Hm. at least not his father could safely from the test pilot of flight only to blow up right in front of him. (Looking at the Green Lantern for you!) Whatever

Baby pen is kidnapped, until today the Quill played wonderful and crazy charismatic Chris Pratt.

Chris Pratt celebrates
As Star-Lord Hudson he hawks his way through the robbery in the ruins of the decimated the planet. I'm rarely in the film, but I turn the Ukrainians Angie Han report podcast, "it would be a hit."Vapors
She responds without missing a beat, "Get in line!"noddiscussion

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Transporter legacy hits theaters next year

Jason Statham may no longer be behind the wheel as the transporter, but Frank Martin is still alive. Statham doing his time as a heroic courier in three hit movies, but as he moved away, EuropaCorp was planning to use the electoral law. And now their plans have kicked in full force.

EuropaCorp has announced that March 16, 2015 The Transporter link brings to the big screen. The Film is the first of the trilogy and will bring us to the beginning of Martin leading up to the events of the original film. It is directed by Camille Delamarre, who made his debut this spring, as the man behind the brick houses. It seems that your new Frank Martin Ed Skrein, that game of Thrones fans might recognize the Daario Naharis as. Will probably sway Frank Martin trademark bald Dome, but here it is on the agenda in the event that you missed him.


Transporter Jason Statham is a Nice Guy Ritchie the day-player action icon overnight. As Frank Martin, the ex-special forces he now delivered goods from point A to point b., of course, he would always break the rules and examine the package, and finds would inevitably lead him to kick a bunch of fools in the face. Silly Transporter 2 was the greatest movie series in America, but Transporter 3 made a spectacular $ 108 million worldwide. Statham probably seen weakening the quality of films and their smaller profile in America and decided to bail (why does he The mechanic 2??). But there's still money to be here, and the property has great potential for growth in the checkout. Unfortunately, all due respect, Skrein is Statham hard luck, kid.

Statham is soon to be released The Expendables (3), The Legacy transport hit the screen at the same time on the transporter TV series airs on cable. The Show has hit different areas around the world and will soon debut on TNT in America. Chris Vance (Rizzoli & Islands) and Violante Placido (Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance), the movie also has the continuing adventures of Frank Martin. This character is one time a dude. The Transporter heritage could be the beginning of new concessions on the screen? And that he chose something other than "Legacy" the Slap at the end of the title? Jason Bourne must be PISSED.

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