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Monday, April 22, 2013

Oblivion (2013) - Review

At the time, "Tron: Legacy" has clearly demonstrated the ability of Joseph Kosinski in creating a truly beautiful film with an unusual style. Although, of course, behind the director then was a "Disney" with a team of writers, producers, and other qualified personnel, the availability of which is usually a guarantee of quality. With "Oblivion" get harder - movie based on a comic book of his own Kosinski, and the project at one time he himself had "Disney" and refused. We know that sometimes comes at too fond of visionaries who are burdened by excessive independence - witness snayderovsky "Sucker Punch" (two hours of beauty, and a welter of meaninglessness).

However, Snyder rightly accused of some immaturity, which is not exactly said about Kosinski. It took until just two feature films, but clearly visible in both his particular directorial style and stylistic consistency. One may criticize the second "Tron" for the innocence and the predominance of form over the plot, but within our own concept of the painting was executed perfectly - the viewer by the scruff virtually immersed in virtual reality and action appropriate to compare only to that of "Avatar" but with some worthy of "Transformers."

So with "Oblivion" as well - the director does not swing, he carefully and patiently and with a sense of proportion tells us his story. And the most amazing (and in addition also nice), we were granted a film that category of fantastic pictures that are not so much about the visuals, how about the plot and characters. In some places there noticed the "tails" of "The Matrix," "Wall-E", "Space Odyssey 2001", "2112 Moon" and other well-known things, a scenario which is considered to be outstanding. But to accuse Kosinski of plagiarism necessary: ​​first, almost all kinoidei in any case are borrowed from literary and religious folklore regions, and secondly, to mix in the right proportion popular concept - is also a skill.

"Oblivion" if it consists of several layers, which gradually opened during playback. It begins with the beautiful scenery and postapokalipsicheskih a brief story about the consequences of the disaster occurred; pastiche of some parts of the world, and is reminiscent of Halo games and Destiny, which is actually pretty cool - just like in the movies (colors and design elements of art) is quite original decision. Voiceover main character succinctly puts into the swing of things, and the audience is invited to consider carefully the desolate and beautiful landscapes that produce at first almost a calming experience.

Because of the slowness of the narrative and can determine its attitude toward Jack with Vika, and think about holes in the setting (dick find), and enjoy the features of shape and the interiors of local structures (Kosinski architect by training, so these parts especially attentive). And as designers tried over the spherical drones (thank God, not in a vacuum)! Such aggressive and frightening robots we seem to have not seen since the first "Robocop".

Although once it is clear that the world order around the characters - no more than an illusion, a solid understanding of the very essence of deception from the hip will not work. With the advent of the character Kurylenko narrative smoothly enters the layer associated with the main intrigue of which, of course, everything turns upside down. They come one after another spectacular action scenes (mainly related to the impulsive drones) and new details are destroying logical seemingly picture of the world order on the screen.

Finally, powerful and, perhaps, the only correct final puts the bullet, indicating the film as an organic and complete picture. Of course, if you want you can ask unnecessary questions to a number of aspects of the fictional world - but the fact is that things are not at all unlit affect the logic of the plot, and the absence of a number of responses even goes somewhere good. Roughly speaking, all the coolness of abstract and almost overwhelming enemy force is in its mystery and invincibility (in the imagination of the audience, of course), and it emphasizes the importance of greater deeds of human characters.

Cinema works fine on all levels, conventionally described above. Here, as in "Wall-E", interesting to examine the consequences of a dystopian future, as in the "Tron 2", it's hard to keep my mouth shut during the fighting, and even the characters have time to become apparent and start to cause such a rare sense of empathy. And most importantly - in the process of really interesting to know the whole background of what is happening and that the very real fate of mankind.

It will be very sad if "Oblivion" will not develop a relationship with fortune box office. This year's scheduled several important fantastic prime minister and, in fact, for a long time is determined by rolling the fate of the genre. We are, to put it mildly, does not like to be bored again at a reasonable and intelligent SF, focused not only on teenagers and infantile morons.

And then, if someone does not give Joseph Kosinski opportunity to continue to shoot in his usual manner - well, these people have to wait for a special hell, which will be responsible for the torture of a triumvirate consisting govnodelov Olivier Megaton, Uwe Boll and, of course, Sarika.


Monday, April 8, 2013

Downlaod G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013) HD

 G.I. Joe Review:

Good to be the first film series: throw the audience to a world hitherto unknown to the heroes and slowly lifts the veil over their past relationships and characters. Sequels life is much more complicated: the surrounding are already familiar with your puppets and tricks, and in the end they have to entertain the full story and character development, or at least the brainwashing unhappy streams of action and spectacular special effects.If you look at the situation from this point of view (and not naively optimistic "Hooray, the first part has been acquainted with the characters, and now finally have the time to the complex stories!"), The desire of the authors of the second "Cobra Roll" to get rid of most of the Original characters can be understood. Fresh Faces - a fresh opportunity to tighten further as a dense tangle of betrayals novels blood "Msta" and sudden "I - am your father!". This is certainly not the most honest way to keep the same passions as in the first part - but it is better to swindle than screw it up, do not you?Alas, such logical reasoning loses all meaning, meeting with the "masterpieces" caliber "Cobra Roll - 2". Seriously analyze the motives of the creators of the film and the results of their work - like trying to analyze the actions of a mentally retarded child, vylakavshego bottle of absinthe - you can, of course, but it is more practical to do so from a position of medicine, not philosophy.Yes, the vast majority of the heroes of the last film was successfully sent to his grave somewhere in between pieces. But you do not think that the sequel zamorochitsya quest worthy replacement? Meet our new team: Rock, Bruce "Wedding General» Willis, tits, he joined the army in order to prove to his father every-woman-hater, Storm Shadow's cousin; bonus guy heterosexual. And that's a very detailed, thoughtful description of the booth participants, written not seem incompetent authors' Zombilenda. " If no time to blink and miss a couple of scenes that can be ashamed to think, as if they have no character - just taken over from the relevant skills Hasbro toys posing with guns and swords.

 And if you think that the action is "Cobra Roll - 2" can close a black hole, replacing the characters, then you ... to some extent correct. At least, it is not too boring to watch. On special entertainment speech also is not, of course: the movie looks a lot cheaper than its predecessor, from his insane ingenuity is left almost no trace, and endless close-ups and prevent camera shake and enjoy those formulaic shootings, which the authors have had the imagination. Is that Snake Aizu've pretty smartly jump over the mountains, cutting flying from all sides Ninja, but if you want to look at something like that, it's easier to get the PS3 and play some God of War - and there will be better graphics and spectacular staging .Perhaps, however, the film is not guilty? Perhaps the authors of the "BC-2" just opted for the second "Gremlins" took off at the same time continued, and a parody of the original? This would explain the characters as close to the depth of plastic primary sources. And hysterically funny scenes of mass disarmament of all world powers in the course of the game in "weak?" Worthy place in the best works of the brothers Zucker. And a sniper rifle, capable to slow down time and shoot the radio-controlled bullets that appears early in the film only to accidentally knock the brains of enemy infantry and disappear forever from the following story.However, even if mentally rename movie in, say, "Hot Shots - 3" - this will help a little. The authors do not work neither fish nor flesh: the film too stupid and ridiculous to take it any serious, but at the same time not having fun or hypertrophied absurd to enjoy it as a comedy. In addition, the successful individual characters such as the "evil American President" and a surprisingly steep head of a prison for super-villains want to be taken seriously. And wants the rest of the film was a match for them.But that's not to be. New characters - pacifiers, almost reference in its futility. All the old characters, minus the aforementioned president misspent merged or over, or in the course of the film. The script is full of holes, so obvious, that they begin to seem deliberate sabotage on the part of the authors. History only need to throw over the bridges between secondary action-packed scenes, but it makes it frankly mediocre. Even 3D, was detained allegedly for the movie, totally not worth it.It would be better at "Cobra Roll" was not a sequel.

Download Evil Dead (2013) HD

A remake of "Evil Dead" - clearly not an event, by which you can here and so to take and pass. It has to ensure that happily poke a finger at him, incite the crowd priniknut for the holiday and wildly jumping around like a Papuan who found a gold coin. KG managed to keep himself in hand and direct his enthusiasm in a more constructive direction. One can hardly find a better reason to think, in retrospect, with what a wonderful series we deal with.
With director Sam Raimi to as divine revelation happened, and he knew the secret of creating the perfect trilogy. Perhaps inadvertently, not too intelligently, to judge by his ordeals with the "Spider-Man." But the "Evil Dead" - it is quite another pair of shoes. Triptych at opposite poles lie ferocious horror and comedy fantasy, do not even try to pretend just a little scary. And in Seredka - the second part, a perfect balance between the two extremes: the scary and funny.
Excursion into antiquity
The history of "Evil Dead" originates in ancient times, when Raimi, Campbell and Teypert invented spirited know-how, a kind of cave Kick. Since the money three Druganov had no more than horsepower at stools, full-bodied movie, they were not to pull. But the three-kopeck short film "In the Forest", a prototype of the future masterpiece - very even. The result was a kind of concise presentation of their revolutionary ideas. It was assumed that, from the incredible steepness obomlev seen, investors with tears of gratitude zasyplyut young entrepreneurs with sacks of currency. Dumb plan ... what worked best!
They say a few audience howled with delight, producer wallets uncontrollably spewed swirling cash and countless director finds subsequently reflected in the full-length versions. Unfortunately, to check the validity of the last assertion empirically impossible. Yes, the film "In the Forest" is available on the Internet. However, the recording quality is comparable to conventional amateur epic "Our vacation in the village of 93 g." It seems that the long-suffering original cassette led very chaotic lives and changed more VCRs than Casanova - mistresses. Somewhere behind the impenetrable dance visual artifacts and sprawling purple stripes may lie stunning evidence of how to make history of cinema. Alas, the hell are you that tell.

Popular Misconceptions
By coincidence, a lot of people, "Evil Dead" is associated with films about zombies. This is a mistake, stop. After all, have you ever seen a zombie, who would tease and premerzko sniggered? Or the mood back to everyday human guise? Or read a lengthy monologue about the nutritional properties of the human soul? Yes, for God's sake, they're there, even levitate! ... Okay, say, flying zombies - it is a very cool idea, and we are really looking forward when someone realizes it, but Sam Raimi's trilogy is clearly not about that. She - of lusty trees. And goblinoobraznyh old. And skeleton. But mainly, of course - about the vicious demons that inhabit in rastyapistyh visitors abandoned huts. Predominantly live.
The confusion in the public mind, apparently originates from the name. Raimi wanted to baptize his child simply and clearly: "The Book of the Dead." At first glance, it is very logical, but unsophisticated creator did not realize how close to the precipice stood. Fortunately, producer Irwin Shapiro Sam explained that the word "book" in the title will plunge into panic suffocating her young audience intelligence. Making sure that the new name will not be detrimental not strong threat to the brain, they settled on "Evil Dead." Dead in the film, however, is not really, but it sounds great. Strictly speaking, in the framework of the established mythology Raimi all evil brethren characterized neologism deadites. It can be translated as "upyrity" or whatever, because no such word, it came up with. Overall, not a zombie - grasped this point.
Other insoluble universal question is the following: "The Evil Dead - 2" - a remake or a sequel? Well, very simple. Just a little remake, and in fact - the sequel. Sam wanted to give a summary of the previous series in the beginning of the film, but the greedy holders figs twisted his face. He did not despair and just stupid he needed re-shooting the scene, throwing out unnecessary characters and shifting the emphasis, as he wants. For everything it took seven minutes of screen time, and then takes a turn pure extension.

Actually on
By the beginning of the work on the first part of the "Evil Dead", many of its authors only prepared to overcome the age limit when you can come to the supermarket for alcohol without the overhead of a mustache and hope for success. Their perceptions of professional skills were very approximate. However, despite the lack of a coherent experience, they have created a picture stands out for its artistic. Creativity Tarkovsky their tricks may be, and are not sent, but the extraordinary high level of direction there enough.
In greenhorn Raimi as if possessed by a demon of the cinema. No sooner had all knew it, he already being devised and employed sophisticated staging unusual oblique angles. Occasionally happens in the film is shown from the perspective of an unseen force. At the moment it is easy to imagine how Raimi frantically rushes through the woods with a stump to fasten the camera and the ominous hooting like a shark from "Jaws", which finally subdued land.
By and large, this is a happy story of how the original ideas and talent effortlessly win a microscopic budget. For the inevitable continuation Raimi decided to dilute the atmosphere deathly seriousness of jokes, quips - the good, he always liked to laugh. Fresh approach begat truly brilliant images. The scene where a possessed reindeer pate and utensils come alive and hell ugorayu over Asham could decorate any Disney cartoon, if he had sold his soul to the devil. Magical manipulation of chainsaw, wrestling with his fingers through his rebellious, monstrous witch in the cellar, screaming like Donald Duck ... If the "Evil Dead - 2" wanted to show off his list of accolades, it probably would have gagged and Hercules has 12 achievements.
The third series, called "Army of Darkness", and did become a cheerful naked clowning in the spirit of "Pirates of the Caribbean". Rather, in the spirit of which will be "Pirates of the Caribbean" many years later. Money was more - it would seem, strike while the iron is hot, following a proven formula. Instead, Raimi safely leave with a commemorative shack in the woods and gave all tents adventure movie.
If we trace the evolution of the "Evil Dead", it is obvious that the secret of creating the perfect trilogy is not so secret. The answer boils down to, to constantly try new things all the time to surprise and to grow together with the creativity, without losing the passion and imagination. In short, a piece of cake. It is strange that so few people succeed.

Give me some sugar, baby

In the heyday of silent cinema in Hollywood lived himself fared Austrian director and actor Erich von Stroheim. Because of its terrible, rigorous and aristocratic appearance he firmly entrenched in the roles zmeyuk and villains. As a result, it has established reputation as "the man hate good." So, Bruce Campbell - actor, which is a nice adore. It can play even Elvis foul-mouthed in the film about a mummy that sucks the soul out of your ass, though sybarite in an endless series of special agent, a connoisseur masteryaschego explosive gadgets of air valves and horns. Everywhere it is beautiful. Well, at least in these two instances - exactly.
And, of course, he is incomparable in the "Evil Dead". His success this trilogy among others must and great protagonist, constantly evolving along with the series. In the first part he ordinary Okhlamanov that survives only because he is the best friend of Sam Raimi and the only one who is willing to act in this farce to the end. But then his chin growing before our eyes, becoming more and more heroic shape and expelling evil outside the frame. With each extension of his coolness space increases exponentially. At the time of "Army of Darkness" Ash - held quite a god, dry ostryaschy, cheerfully and generously feeding grimacing villains lead. Complete yin-yang samoironichnoy comedy and dazzling charisma.
It is sad that such a film career bison did not really work out. However, even so, for many it a living legend and cult figure. King of B movies and the most famous of the relatively unknown actors. Maybe forecasts for getting them to the Oscar and the most optimistic, but the fans did not forget. Besides, it seems, the last word has not yet said Bruce.


As a landmark event, "Evil Dead" definitely vymahal beyond trilogy whose scope now they shake and rub all sorts of fun places. In general, for a popular franchise in the order of things to have lousy and slipshod line video games. Comic book series based on is also not unheard of. But if your idea put on a musical, which is ten years successfully crisscrossing various sites, including Broadway, something in this life you are doing. This is a sure sign that the story of the "Dead", for all its seeming simplicity of resonates with people and demands that it be told again and again in many different ways. It is rooted in folklore and so firmly settles in the viewers mind, if not in the heart that continues to live independently is already separated from their creators.
Can you guess the young fool, when they took up a camera, what a radiant future in store for them? However, it may very well be that this is not the end. Sam Raimi and company managed to embody the perfect trilogy, but the main question is: can they extend their winning sequence of up to four triumphs - and beyond?

"The Croods" Review

Download The Croods (2013) HD

Curse of genius, if you think much harder and causes much more discomfort than printing life Sarika or chronic bowel dysfunction (which is based on the results of life odnohuystvenno). Always ask the full extent, do not give to relax and at any occasion immediately start poking his nose in past conquests - say, what happened to the bygone, his mother, majesty, and where bury standards and traditions laid out in full and jump higher expectations and their own Baska ? Say, unfair? Fact! But, in the end, no one makes these hypothetical geniuses show off.
Director Chris Sanders we lightly to list excessively gifted individuals that have confirmed their outstanding talantische two animated films - "Lilo & Stitch" and "How to Train Your Dragon." Chris, like most good cartoonists, trying to work the Chinese gymnasts who have to deal with both children and parents.
At the appointed Mr. Sanders focus comes naturally. It would seem a recipe, then a piece of cake - refers to the main characters seriously, as children and adults feel perfectly false. Therefore drama films Chris was always present, and even though the normal everyday - two sisters who are going through difficult death of parents, or the boy who can not find a common language with their father. The ruthlessness with which the director could chop off any limb of the main character, tune in a serious way - with a director to keep an eye on and a hat with earflaps.
Alas, not God grant you approach the "little family Kruds" with just such a measure - in the end can renounce to start a family and children. As practice shows, the family - this is hell.

All the "charms" Parenthood offers a look from the point of view Gruga - the father of the primitive family, of being an angel, surrounded by ungrateful creatures, idiots and mother of his beloved wife. However, the realization that it is the father protagonist comes down somewhere in the middle of the film, before our time spent on his daughter, which is undergoing an amazing time of rebellion. On the role of the main character does not pull a girl: first, adolescent rejection of the authority of adults do not look cute or funny when survival - the main agenda. Second, it quickly enough to push out the background, when the drama Gruga becomes more apparent.
Watch the little family throws their breadwinner and protector because he has not provided an evacuation plan in the apocalypse - the more fun. But this poor guy misadventures not end there: he will entrust the lives of their loved ones to some stranger Khmyrov, being rejected, humiliated, to be taken back, well, actually in the end save all their lives to. Emotional colonoscopy Gruga certainly brightened with bright colors, charming sloths and saber-toothed kitty cute. But this kind of very much the terrible truth of life brings a terrible depression. It seems that the director built a tank, terrified child of his hands and tried to decorate a killing machine Christmas toys.
Does not want to laugh, and the reasons, frankly, not much humor in the cartoon turned out to match the entourage - primitive slepstik. Dear Chris Sanders, maybe next time just cut off the main character arm or leg? And let's not all the way to beat him in the face literally and metaphorically herachit the balls as well?


Review of the film "The Guest"

Download The Guest (2013) HD

Oh, and the same fate awaits difficult "guests" - where there heroes of the film with their pathetic problems! Stamp "from Stephenie Meyer's" should, in theory, provide a picture of close attention of the target audience of "Twilight" and box office success. That's just how it turned out, the target audience of "Twilight" is not very interested in something from creator of "Twilight" and that "Twilight" is not. And, presumably, a decent portion of the audience will leave the session offended because "Guest" is not so much on these ragged "Twilight" is like (certainly much less than they could expect loyal fans glamorous vampire franchise). But the other part of the audience to which any mention of "Saga" and its creator acts as a pack of werewolves on allergy, defaults absentia betray movie ostracized - with no chance of rehabilitation. And to overcome this attitude, the "guests" had to be a natural masterpiece, so yes, that was breathtaking and the tower frustrated. Alas, she was before as far as to the status of Tyler Lautner action-star. Movie came out only good.

We have no idea how much a cinematic "guest" left from the original novel (in his eyes did not see), but that's directorial hand of director-screenwriter Andrew Niccol guess the movie once or twice, and here it is much stronger and more confident than , for example, in the "Time". "The Guest" - a leisurely, even meditative act somewhere in a fairly conventional fantastic surroundings with virtually no action, but rich dialogues and monologues about anything. And all this is wrapped in quite a stylish and very glamorous pictures, and even a fabulous beauty soundtrack.

True, and so totally calm narrative somewhere near the middle is very very sleepy, and then completely slack (then the situation is corrected, but the aftertaste, that is). Well, the fantastic element, to say nothing, and did the weakest component of the film, which is purely utilitarian functions: starts the story and at the right moments helpfully provides opportunities for its future development. Many (but what's there, almost all) points about life, society, technology, physiology and objectives of alien invaders have just taken for granted - they are in the movie or not disclosed at all, or only superficially identified. For some "Independence Day," this would be enough, but from the picture, trying to be a fantastic conversation, even with some of the claims are not intelligent, I would like a little more thorough approach to the creation of the world.

But in actual fact, all this is secondary and unimportant. "The Guest", like all good stories, especially about the people (in this case - and even of intelligent alien dandelions, but it does not change): the heroes, their characters and relationships are more important than all of the above.

And what movie does not grab on the part of intellectual content, it more than compensates for typical emotional level. "The Guest" offers a series of remarkable characters, starting with the main character, both of which the individual from the outset real sympathy, but increasing gradually in the course of mutual development of the characters. In her footsteps - both literally and figuratively - is a Seeker, which rankles neillyuzorno internal conflict, most of which, however, takes place behind the scenes, leaving the internal battles character spectator's imagination. A wise, charismatic and exceptionally shrewd uncle Jeb plays the role of Yoda, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon in one.

However, the fact that it was the trio primarily attracts the viewer's attention, just nothing surprising or not: after all, play a marked characters Saoirse Ronan, Diane Kruger and William Hurt, whose acting talent and ability to create believable and attractive images no doubt (and Saoirse even prettier from film to film.) Is surprising is that in the "guests" there are no annoying and frankly irrelevant characters. Even those who are under the status fiercely enrage the male part of the audience (such as characters, causing the inevitable romantic interest Melanie, Wanderer, or simply related by family ties), manage to cleverly do not shine and drag over the narrative quilt, instead cleverly shading more interesting characters. Too, you know, art. And considering that all of the above applies to the kind of indirect cinematic heir to the "Twilight" where the level of empathy about the characters correspond to the level of empathy bundle of radishes (and in some cases - a mosquito midnight itchy over your ear), such a contrast downright astounding, if not shocking.

And finally, a romantic line, subject, in this case a particularly delicate and painful for many. You will not believe it, but here in "The Host" is all right. Where it develops more rapidly than you-know-where, and starts to play an important role in the plot and did not until the story passes over the middle. And it does not get bored, because, first, between the characters is the notorious chemistry and their attachment really believe, and secondly, "The Guest" once again recalls its fantastic nature and suddenly gives one of the most interesting and unusual love triangle (quadrangle? three-a-half-gon?) for a long time. And even those who regularly gives itself felt heavy inheritance, as too bombastic bombastic dialogues, especially when it comes to feelings and other delicate matters, not much can ruin the experience.

All in all, a truly "guests" had no luck with just one: with the "Twilight" context from which no escape. However, we have something to him what's the matter? Cinema eventually got a very decent - it's much more important.