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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fast & Furious 6 (2013) HD


Let's just set the "Fast and the Furious 6" - not a very smart movie. And it is still very tactful response - the same as saying that the March neighbor's cat howls somewhat inferior to Mozart's symphonies. A different scenario moves at all could only cause flickering swirling sawdust in the inflamed head of Winnie the Pooh. In general, the "Get Smart" - is just about the new movie Justin Lin. Not because it loads the viewer painstaking intellectual work, not at all. Rather, it is akin to the voltage of the sufferer, who are going to torture. At a session about the brain also shrinks - now he will be hurt.
What started out as a simple story about gasoline, rubber and love, has grown into an epic saga with Mexican drug lords, beliberdovymi robbery and then, finally, even the struggle against terrorism. In the next part can be expected that the team will face Toretto alien invasion - is a kind of spin-off of "Riddick". This is more or less logical escalation, given that the "Fast & Furious 6" - in fact, already a fantastic action movie. At least supermen to dive hoverkarah by mistake called cars - available.
Vin Diesel's awakening to the mathematical genius, in a split second calculates thousands of variations and optimal arc of flight and boldly rising to the sky. Bald jock, rapidly cleaving the air space - it has a lovely sight. From this type of sentimental even Superman would choked his cloak - once dug a fallen jaw of asphalt. All this is quite indirectly related to street racing - too soon to Marvel "Avengers".
The so-called acting in an amicable extraordinary. Tumult, the bitterness of parting and passionate sensitivity Diesel transmits its generic method. "This person," - eloquently describes this storm of emotions villain. Yes, it is a person's face, frowning studying the contents of the fridge for a beer. However, in the rare moments of illumination light sly squint and smirk - that is, poltarashka, with the corner of her wormed! It is, in any case, nor in any way attempt to insult uncommon talent - was pure delight. Diesel makes all very funny, and the picture will only wins.
Hohmit much, and sometimes out of place, as it sometimes seems on the infernal dialogues - often unintentionally.

A good half of its timing, "Fast & Furious 6" pretends not too noticeable and quite a passing part of a series. However, the final 50 minutes change everything. It is for them is to besiege cinema. They make a movie in a marked and significant event. Once completely by chance Justin Lin burst, and he delivered one of the best action games of the year.
The level of delusional, of course, reaches a critical level, and brims over. One gets the impression that a full finish lacks only the chariots with dinosaurs. But here's the amazing thing: when the director presents so incredibly great action, from the meaning of fit dismissed as an annoying gnat. Not up to it now. There would not miss anything, his eyes devouring the screen - there is so much adrenaline luxury Jumble.
Flashes on the rarity of a mad orgy with all kinds of technology, the tornado chases and extremely pleasant mordoboynymi clashes. When Zidane and Diesel performs in-flight lobeshnik destroys the enemy - that's priceless. Girls, gentle creatures, are not left aside and knock each other megaton metaphorical shit. It is worth considering that Lin - washed-crazy and this is the end, he gets up to something even more unthinkable and absurd - to everyone's delight.
The value of "Fast and the Furious-6" as a work of art, to put it mildly, is not obvious. But as bewildering attraction glow it deserves, if not admiration, then, at least, the most reverent attitude. As such do not ride?


Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) HD 


 If you think about the nature of sikvelizatsii, it can be concluded that the extension in the first place to have lice or not viewers love the nerves, and the consistency of the first part. In light of the release of "Star Trek: Nemesis," "Star Trek" began to look even better.Contemptible in the literature genre "combat fiction" in moving pictures is doing well and looks a hundred - the eyes shine, hair pleases lack bald patches on the cheeks and plays a healthy glow. It is in this state - the peak of the genre form - director Abrams left the "Star Trek" four years ago and now uses it to its fullest.The impression that Jar Jar argued for a lump sum that he will succeed perespilbergnut perekameronit Spielberg or Cameron - at the same time make an ultimatum adventure film and sequel to the best in the universe. The first task performed brilliantly: film begins almost like any new piece of Indiana Jones - Kirk and Bones run away from the natives armed with spears, pre skommunizdil important artifact. Do not rule out that tricky zmeyuka Abrams wants to make his mark in all known adventure series. "Star Trek," "Star Wars" ... Who the hell is next? Archaeologist in a hat and a whip?Starting with the second cosmic speed Abrams and only does that increases the warp until the final credits. Action is developing too fast, even if you can believe it. And if you try at least for a moment mute own enthusiasm and to look at things more closely, it opens interesting moments. The inhomogeneous narrative itself is not carried with reactive rate - the individual and his move at the right time changing the speed of the storylines. Explosions, car chases, the elucidation of family relationships, motivational death of the minor characters, the dismissal of key characters, corruption, repeated change of the title of the main villain, the fan-service - all of the above alternating with eerie swish flock distill each other racing cars.In addition to the content of the change was very successful and intonations. Straight, but funny jokes organically coexist with the drama, the characters just switched from regular to heroic mode (take it to the bridge or Zulu Interpreter mission Uhura) really stressful episodes, which according to the canons of the genre should end happily (and still after going through !), followed by "unloading" of the scene, which can finally exhale accumulated air.

"Savor tasty will be home to video" - as if we Abrams said. Scold or rebuke kinodela selected for their cumulative rate deal fairly meaningless if a reasonable individual believes that pit stops have come up with wimps and whiners, that is his right. In fact, the "Star Trek: Nemesis", with all the seeming mad bravery, - a thing incredibly complex, multi-layered, but that - verified and accurate. And the most amazing thing here is how easily and naturally the director treats all this multi-million dollar construction. In other directors would all fall apart at the first bend under its own weight, and JJ confidently and quickly leads its supercar on narrow serpentine without fences.That to the best in the universe sequel, we hope that samopovtor did not cause the death of your loved one chipmunk named Chip - that is, you do not feed them personal hatred. Because sequel without the slightest manifestation of shame continues to roam the familiar narrative paths. Kirk and Spock, despite the ending of the first part, and have not found a common language, and indeed the Captain Jim T. turns reveals remained the same, however, compensate for the novelty of the other ingredients. Minor characters complain about the shortage of screen time; deft directorial touch - and every team member gets his moment of glory bright.But, without a doubt, the main gem of a film - the antagonist by Benedict Cumberbatch. He's almost too good for this group of clowns in a flying Maxtor. Charismatic villains, so gifted, both physically and mentally, required a triumphant win, not cave in to the dictates of plot that requires that the good guys in the end necessarily what he wants. In addition, the English actor so well blended into the image of that while watching some reason do not even remember about an eccentric British detective - we are the same, shit, the most dangerous character in the universe!Another director Abrams had not forgotten how dashing juggle the canon so that fans happily squeaking of thrills and postronnie people do not feel like strangers in this celebration of life and having fun along with everyone. First get a completely indecent amount of references to the classic TV series and movies, while the latter is unlikely to pay attention to the small theater breaks and significant looks characters. Although a certain amount of "recognition" is guaranteed to all: hardly a session-"Star Trek" were the people who spent the last three decades in the hopper and not aware of some aspects of modern culture, an integral part of which has long been a "Star Trek."Perhaps it would be worth to write a couple of years after the premiere of "The Seventh episode," but the situation is so extreme and obvious - Jar Jar Abrams has officially turned the genre of sci-fi movies in my personal bitch. Well - he fully deserves this right.


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