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Monday, May 27, 2013

Download the Great Gatsby movie in HD



The Great Gatsby - Review

Restraint? Moderation? Say these words before the director Baz Luhrmann, and he good-naturedly shook his finger at his temple, considering that you crowed some unknown foreign-speaking gibberish. Truly, his megalomania impressively grotesque. Since it would have become the paddock pets go out with a squadron of elephants, and to engage targets at a shooting range to cause ballistic missile attack.

And the man called to tell us of the transience of a decadent lifestyle in American society 20s? Peculiar. Promise-that he, say, informed - thanks to the excellent acting, the providing dryanstvo human characters. But that's their way of domestic Luhrmann clearly is in shameless delight, even if not trying to make excuses. However, it is hard not to share his enthusiasm - so unbridled feast barely fit in the imagination. It's as if Alice in Wonderland and Cirque du Soleil together celebrated the new year. Now, any representation of parties in a movie pass for risk rotten and dull work day on the background of this dashing holiday revelry.

Traditionally abundance narration is rightly considered bad manners and fu-what-dirty trick. Not at this time. Yes, the narrator in the face of Maguire's practically shuts up - it's true. However, his speech - not zevotny comment perdiva Russian football match, and often lush and imaginative verbal grace. But the most important thing - it seems that Joe Wright with "Anna Karenina" has set the trend of how to approach the film adaptation of the classics. I mean, do not be timid in experiments with filing, maintaining respect for the original.

"The Great Gatsby" is shot fresh and inventive, not sparing equally no money, no fantasy. Luhrmann came up with a huge number of spectacular directorial lotions to author's remarks have not covered the attention. Pilot put the camera as if a fighter pilot, plying the sky with a mad cowboy cry in a dizzying pirouettes. Text and visualization as well complement each other, just a sin rebuke directed at the lazy it to the screen. Resourcefully screwed modern soundtrack, it should be assumed as many will like.

With all the external pomp of a "Gatsby" and with meanings in order. While the creators of the other ninjas sneak to subtly and quietly play on the audience's heart strings, Luhrmann treats jewelry work on his own. Huge sledgehammer narrative that says "think here!" He violently on the head figachit watching. It's like a mighty blacksmith hammering gyrus straighter in order to avoid harmful izgibistyh congestion. Repetition - the mother of learning, and the same symbols are hammered over and over again with the extraordinary persistence. With this approach, even a simpleton, let the whole session drooling in a glass of Pepsi-Cola, has the potential to vaguely grasp what was going on.

This makes the film easy prey for snobs. Of course, they will be pathetic grumble about the plane and the lack of depth in this adaptation, but they should not be conceited hiss confusing. In the end, the characters are regularly raid ambiguity and diversity, followed by the legacy of the original paper is guessed. Luhrmann's plan is not the most astute in the world, but it works - and flawlessly. Decoupling their power simply must provoke violent emotional vibrations up to heartfelt blowing your nose into handkerchiefs and gentle sobs from the back row.

Litsedeysky ensemble of bending over backwards to the beautiful picture is not overshadowed his efforts. Is that Spiderman retired couple lost, but his ne'er-do-bug-eyed compensate everyone else: from bychara-husband Joel Edgerton to grimy bowser Jason Clark. DiCaprio and raging all gave excellent role for the second year. Joint efforts of these comrades managed to hide behind a facade of magnificent fireworks heartfelt story of love and pure dream man with extraordinary sense of hope.


Download the Great Gatsby movie in HD

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Download Jack the Giant Slayer (2013)

Jack the Giant Slayer (2013) - Review

Despite some positive qualities, "Jack - the conqueror of the giants", the audience quickly forget about this movie. It will merge into memory along with a dozen other moderately decent fantasy, mostly - from the last century. But the fact of commercial insolvency picture of Bryan Singer may be to some extent a landmark event for the industry. This is the latest and perhaps the most obvious example of that progressive humanity frankly bored with the classic fairy tale, filmed in the usual style.

In terms of plot and direction, like the movie could have easily come and thirty and sixty years ago - in a similar way at the time adapted enough stories of folklore. By modern standards, as everything is too predictable and banal - the development of the plot, the characters are simple, stylized world beyond the screen. Even the action - and that is not specifically a standout. Not in the sense of "bad", no - but the appropriate level of Hollywood production, we see no less than a couple of times a month (and in the summer, and that more often).

In general, it's tempting to draw a parallel between "Jack" and the recent "Oz" - similar at first glance, they have important differences. Sam Raimi, removing, in general, was a children's movie, sometimes allowed to insert it into something foreign - to take at least ambiguous relationship of the protagonist with numerous women, or a monkey as a local black man. You can start the discussion: say, this does not make the usual multi-layered story better, but we do not quite know. Just at this contrast becomes apparent deliberate simplicity of tape Singer, where is all the tricks, Promises and thoughts are on the surface.

However, you do not want to curse "Jack" for being too academic quality - he turned out quite enjoyable film where everything is held on even-dimensional, but still charming heroes. The director "X-Men" represent a good skill in the bright light of the images of characters, they did, in fact, without disclosing the course of history. Here take the protagonist played by Nicholas Hoult - the guy from the first minute is already in the final point of its development: once it is clear which way and to what baggage he will come to a head. At the same time watching him still interesting - even some of the features of a wooden actor playing somehow cause tenderness. Well, with or McGregor Tucci, who also zaklishirovannye role - melancholic brave and cunning bastard with a high skill sociability. A hundred times already met these fellows - and still these two are attracted some attention.

The Giants also common and are fabulous - incredibly stupid, vile in the home and for some reason residing exclusively in the male commune. Apart from the general who just wanted to call Davy Jones, monsters are almost abstract evil force without imputed motivation - they exist only in order to once again play offensively because of some plot conventions.

Relations between the characters with the giants for an adequate story, questions to which it is better not to ask. Imagine being a grandmother (or grandfather) read you something from Russian folk and (at worst myths of ancient Greece) - here is about the same. It's all right exactly as long as you try to analyze events in all seriousness, no discount on the fabulousness.

The only serious question to the choreographer - is it even here he could not do without your favorite steel-gray stylized images? Clearly, in the comics with a claim to realism is appropriate. But, Brian, why do so discolor fantasy, where the already only three locations on the half hour? But someone will look at this 3D! ..

The rest of the claims seriously lead to the "Jack" is difficult. It's like that alternately criticize all the existing techniques of cinema over the past one hundred years. Movie magic still works there - is another matter that in, sorry, radically new experience at a time is not here. Spectators in its total mass, or are tired of the traditional fairy tales at all, or subconsciously waiting for something like "Stardust" or even some of the postmodern. This is really might surprise.


Oz: The Great and Powerful (2013)

Download Oz: The Great and Powerful (2013)

Oz: The Great and Powerful - Review

Call Sam Raimi directed one film did not fair and even somehow insulting. Well, at least, because he - directed three films. And let his companion fails to bring the number of films that would have been stuck in the collective consciousness as a pain in the ass, at least up to four - he goes out of his way, in the course vysizhivaya such gems as vaudeville Emo Spiderman or talking nonhuman voice of a goat. But getting rid of the legacy of "Evil Dead" is not easy, especially when continue on an ongoing basis with the Bruce Campbell cameo or specially aktsentiruesh attention to the chainsaw scene in the brilliant revival of Dr. Octavius ​​in "Spider-Man 2".

"Oz" is not simply takes some fragments from the store director. In fact, this adaptation of the "Army of Darkness" for family viewing. The story itself is about the main character, who arrived from the technologically advanced of the real world into a magical kingdom where he has previously trained local sages, overcome evil with moving pictures and fireworks niskolechko not ashamed of his roots. Inveterate fans of all evil should immediately relax and try as much as possible in one's dotage. Be warned once, the disease you are our: the main character is not a boom-stick (on the other hand, seems to have an unlimited supply of music boxes) and, unlike Ashe, he wants very much to be king.

In "Oz" in general, a lot of plot restrictions. Being a prequel in nature, cinema, for example, can not just go and kill the main villains - otherwise there will be no point in the girl-killer from Kansas, does not shrink from pulling off the shoes from the corpses of women and older people over the head shies ballistic cabin. Therefore, good people do not even kill villains - such here in the movie Raimi convention. Again, the film definitely will watch the kids!

Sam, of course, how can resist - hooligan nature makes itself felt. For example, one of the companions of the protagonist, cutest girl from china, experiencing the death of parents, offering to cut one of the witches butcher knife is quite a view. Well, Oz himself - he was still a bastard, though charming and even safe. Here the ability to actor James Franco stoned look, even as such, have very handy. The introduction to the film sort of netlenki Jay "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" (which, of course, a character with a heart of gold, but it still does not hesitate to enter in the books of almost all the female characters) can be considered successful. There is even a suspicion that it was Franco's character did the Cowardly Lion cowardly, scaring the shit out of his own tricks. With a protagonist with no problems tolerated mandatory and uncomplicated drama, from which no escape.

Visual side of the film breathes in all its multi-million budget chest. Somewhere on the border of consciousness full of suffering audible sobs Tim Burton - for it is too little Gothic and cadaveric beauty. Everything is so bright that even the darkening of the three de-makes sense and saves your eyes from the frenzy of colors.

The quality of the product is available - Factory "Disney" is very rarely makes stupid mistakes. Good Bad Disney ... Disney ... The main thing - who has a gun.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Trance (2013)


There are directors who's entire career sluggish remove the same movie, with some variations. House of Cards their self-esteem blows from Hurricane peals lordly sniffing by Danny Boyle. Perhaps this is the most versatile Englishman mad devil in the world. Just look at the track record of this fellow to understand - very heavy so it does not exist. Then you and the playful criminal and drug confusion and beautiful science fiction about the ignition of the sun, and one of the best films about zombies, and the Oscar-winning film adaptation of a quiz with Indian motifs, and even relatively chamber drama about how James Franco and he was crushed under the cobblestones it sits. In general, Danny Boyle - the human analogue of the Swiss knife, which hid thousand gadgets - from pedicure scissors to the grenade launcher. You can never guess which one he'll do next.

With the "trans" Boyle seems to have decided that rather surprising people with only one subject of the picture - though content will match for. Before a session in a better position to bring the brain back and mentally prepare for what is to him now would do something like that, why not train in kindergarten. About the Good stop-word, which would stop the madness, of course, no one cared. Way back from this mental brace not.

This is only one Nolan prefers surgical accuracy of twists and turns. Cold and impeccable calculation underlying the complex and multilayered structure - it is also for him. While Christopher decorum and carefully writes a dramatic equation Boyle in the narrative frenzy sweeps away everything in its path. They are not guided by rational deliberation, and the excitement of a mad scientist. Demonically laughing, he erects a tower of Babel story of somersaults and destroys it in the name of the great surprise.

The hall is already starting to smell burnt by melting gyri, and the film does not let up in an epileptic fit and continues to wind events. More! More! More! More! Sometimes it dangerously close to the edge of delirium. It is tempting to say that the script sucks the thumb of some ideas, but it's not quite fair. Everything points to the fact that in search of inspiration, he slaver is not one finger, but rather one hundred - and not human, and velikanskih. However, the chaos is so bursting with things happening spectacular drive that all confusion is transformed into a genuine admiration.

The more pleasant, that in the end all this incredible tangle unravels without a hitch and without a hitch. No agony and curses from the category: "Boyle, rascal, you tricked us!" Ambush zakomuristy mess, it was not too lazy to clean up the blockage and provide quite a distinct and reasonable explanation. To continue the metaphor of the battered forced copulation with a spectator's head, then the story ends amicably - if not the wedding, then, at least, left a telephone.

It would be criminal not to mention that the presentation of all this pandemonium carried out the most refined manner. Boyle's deceit is no limit. Not only is it a luxury of directing periodically breathtaking - a rogue absolutely not shy repeatedly increase the effect of a powerful soundtrack. Perhaps the last gleams like klipovoy splendor spoiled Zack Snyder movie theaters with his "holds barred."

Speedy Danny kept up everywhere: to tell a beautiful story, and proved itself and Rosario Dawson among exposed the affair. A great achievement that will not be easy to beat. However, the Boyle seems to have a plan - a sequel to "Trainspotting" with a very, very promising title.


Download Trance (2013) in HD

Monday, May 20, 2013

Download Olympus Has Fallen 2013

Olympus Has Fallen Review

It seems that the success of "The Expendables" played with the Dream Factory bad joke made her employees believe that it is time to return the militants "B" category from the dusty shelves to the big screen. Now, they are looking at a decent harakiri "successes" of various "Returns irrepressible Parker," can and would be happy to think suddenly senses yes, but just too late in the production was running at once far more movies than required to satisfy nostalgia for the brutal heroes and their spectacular, but deadly dull adventure. And we now have to endure all this.

"The Fall of Olympus" - a clone of "Under Siege", and then trying to pass himself off as a clone of "Die Hard." It seems to be: both the original and to this day are worthy of attention, and once worthy sequel nor one nor the other is not planned, so why not be happy appearance of the spiritual heir?

That's the trouble - it seems that the authors sincerely believed that create original, serious film. Unaware that viewers are willing to accurately pronounce the many dialogues race with the actors, they devoted a lot of time mocking prohibitively trite drama, dialogue with unclear how to get to the shooting of a child, and even a bit of sarcasm deprived philosophical disputes between villains and heroes.

Opening the characters and dilute spectacle bread (for the brain) - good thing, worthy of all praise, and that it made the "Die Hard" a masterpiece for all time. But even more important to be able to soberly assess their abilities and focus all attention on the strengths of its sides. As an example, the authors of "Under Siege" knew that people go to the movies not because of their acting talents Segal, and in order to marvel at his skills at lightning-fast cuts in arms, necks and trains - and therefore every effort to devote to the process as much as possible kostolomstva more screen time.

"The Fall of Olympus" is laughing in the face like a coward, proudly sticking out all their flaws and showing off them perhaps more active than merit. In the course of the protracted entry only begin to pray for the dead Koreans that they quickly cheered steeped in family squabbles Americans, splashed cold lead in the face of so Weighed stuffed with C4 kick in the ass. And it remains to rejoice that when the notorious Koreans still declared, the situation is really going well.

Action film is not called either a genius or original: he does not shy away from any of absurd situations, no stupid things, no stylistic cliches. But it is quite tough and brutal spectacle that was always interesting to see things happening on the screen for the extermination of Americans first, and then the Koreans. Especially as Butler, which predictably lack of combat skills Segal, lack of speed and believability of movement to a large extent offset the grim determination of the eternal Spartan.

The other actors are less fortunate. Eckhart is struggling to squeeze out of the public's sympathy for his noble president, but just leaves it less charismatic version idiot Ned Stark. Butler wife of the hero played by Rada Mitchell added to the film either for the sake of gender equality, whether in the name of some cunning scheme in laundering money or just for fun - so it makes no sense. And Morgan Freeman, on which the speaker unexpectedly fell the responsibility for running the country, fully pereinachil got the role: as long as the script makes him quite seriously say things like "We're going to do anything for the sake of the president," on the face of looming bouncer reasonable, and therefore totally inappropriate in this film, "Here he quickly died to government finally moved into my hands!".

With the pro-American fervor in "Fall of Olympus" in general not all glory to God. And the surprise of his presence is not - it's a film about the capture of the White House, without proudly waving the Stars and Stripes footcloths and inspirational speeches about the stability and the debt-like film could not do physically. But here's the rub: the authors attempt to show pride and love for their country look very strange to work actively exposes most of the U.S. government's spineless bunch of idiots, and their army - pathetic incompetent weaklings. You say you jarred attack helicopters, flying freely around Moscow in the fifth "nuts"? Do not worry, now share your pain, U.S. residents, whose capital is almost without a fight missed broiler enemy fighter.

"The Fall of Olympus" - a strange patient. If he disregards the screams patriotic - it is only in order to humiliate their country, and if it finds the strength to move away from the long-memorized patterns - it only to progress to the next scenario is meaningless existence has some character. But this in no way justified pride prevents him breathe, shut up and let the fists speak louder and louder than words.

We have to admit that associating with such specimens of knowingly outlived his era fighters can not be called helluva lot unpleasant. Yes, and only good memories after he, too, is not really.


Kon-Tiki download

Download Kon-Tiki

Kon-Tiki Review

The creators of the film "Kon-Tiki" not to be envied. They, for sure, watched "Life of Pi" - just imagine their suffering! While all progressive mankind constantly lisp which simpampulya this tiger, and screeched to throw themselves to the ground when the pussy smilingly bared teeth, those poor Norwegians clutching his head and swore resignedly. How do you want after such a monument to film about Pacific Drift? Let coped even more fundamental than the Scandinavians, but someone from this easier? In overseas rolling them painting exhibited as an afterthought.

The main trouble "Kon-Tiki" that dirty dog ​​Ang Lee a lot of it has already shown. Moreover, a kind of svolota showed much better. And the clusters of stars, blooming in the night sky, and the scope of the unruly elements, and even lyumenistsentnyh skolopendr, who probably has a respectable Latin name. Well, the production capacity of Hollywood predictably exceed European: clear the stump, the picture they will have more beautiful. Duck, did you go and the sandwich story they smeared at times multi-layered meanings and emotional charge which reeks tangible.

However, this is not a reason to tighten the strap on the farm pants and get ready to shake a pitchfork ritually burn all copies of this northern creativity. Yes, the place of action - an endless expanse of water - all the same, but the story is something different! And apart from koshatnicheskoy melodrama - even very bad. Yes, even just by itself - is excellent, which is already there. Gift that is based on the accomplishment of vzapravdashny.

In fact, the "Kon-Tiki" easily could have passed for a film not about the anthropological feat, which he is, and for the highly spin-off of "Jackass." After all, the whole batch is reduced to a dramatic uncomplicated: to cross the ocean on a raft - weak? .. Challenge accepted! A pseudo-scientific discoveries - it's just a nice bonus, attached to this mad escapade.

Components of worthwhile movies are just beginning to take shape together like in the ears is the wind whistling adventure. Directors if and Philo, sometimes letting their design slightly to slip, then later show aerobatics, offsetting any flaws. Bright sunny shots all kind shout that on the other side of the planet, too, are sometimes able to take off for the audience, not for the festivals. Raft generously poutykan enjoyable actors, among which the most notable tall tower, depicting Heyerdahl. It seems doubtful that the timbered building is sinking not only because of his stubborn belief in his own right. It is so steep that not even know how to swim when cranked his rousing escapade. Probably easier to knock home a theory of quantum immortality slobbering village idiot, how do you explain this daredevil accessible concepts such as "fear" and "leaping point."

Subject acute interaction with the animal kingdom is also not neglected by. For public relations take the rap edricheskie sharks. Their concert is quite a long one, but damn it, an all-time blast. A long time ago, these beautiful thick creatures were not as frightening and spectacular on the screen. After the session, the workers can successfully replenish materials, if not too lazy to scrape out chairs bricks in a panic deferred audience in the most intense moments.

However, the authors of works about real people and events, it is time to think of something with his decadent habit in the end credits start pessimistic help, accompany all participants of the action to the light. It seems to have been shown a film about the triumph of the human spirit - and here, by the way, are all dead. Very nice, do not say anything. Thor Heyerdahl was clearly not the worst candidate to finish the story about him saying, "And then he broke the space-time continuum, bowed three times the galaxy and live forever" - or something at least duhopodemnym. In the end, just to be witty and sometimes sin fib a little.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Probably not worth too much to focus on the obvious fact that Michael Bay certainly can not shoot small films. "Anabolic steroids" are modest project only in the imagination of a tyrannosaur-directed, although if you remember the "Transformers" and other Armageddon, the saying "everything is relative" takes on a particularly meaningful. In stories about con men bodybuilders in any case felt familiar to the director gigantism, range, and some shortages sense of proportion.

Other interesting here. A very interesting picture of the author's attitude to the proverbial American dream. The fact that the Bay itself, in a sense it is the epitome - a man came to wealth, worldwide fame and opportunities all day long to shoot Victoria's Secret model and monstrously stupid blockbusters. And then this fellow begins to exude a rough sarcasm and outright fun of their own kind.

Daniel Lugo, the protagonist of "anabolics" sincerely believes that his life was not rewarded - it is beautiful, pumped and adventurous, but with wealth for some reason does not add up. According to the concept of the American dream person of any origin on the forces to achieve everything - performance of social mobility peculiar way prove heroes gangster films like "The Godfather" or "Scarface." Here, of course, a fundamental error Lugo - in national ideology it is clearly a question of hard work and ingenuity, not kidnapping, extortion and dismemberment malfunctioning electric chainsaw. As a result, dullish protagonist turns out some new Russian dream - no roach in the conventional office (in this case - in the gym), and, stolen, cut to the sports car the envy of others less fortunate, counting passive income.

So - Bay somehow too openly mocks witted pitching. Heroes are set so incredible nerds who favors the fate of all the (non) conceivable way that the middle of the history of the mere spectator consciously wishes them the best possible painful punishment. Well, the phrase "stupid sheep" seems to sound from the screen ten times brighter marker again emphasizing attitude directed toward his characters. And in the case of Michael Bay all it gives a clear and frank hypocrisy glee.

Despite the general farce is happening on the screen (the most surreal moment pops up the words "Yes - it is still based on a true story") "Anabolic steroids" is hardly funny movie. Here, perhaps, appropriate to compare with "Burn After Reading" - is rather amusing to understanding what is happening, and not on the specific jokes or conversations. Although intelligent Coen - is jewelers of cinema, and Bay, sorry, is still a lumberjack with a three-meter ax.

Many people somehow believe that the director turned low-budget "Transformers", where the metal is replaced by muscle and silicone. From a visual point of view of a parallel, of course, true, but we think that there should dig a little deeper. Sorry for the vulgar analogy, but "Anabolic steroids" - a film about a man's penis. Daniel Lugo incredibly resembles an erect advantage - he is under stress, and sometimes They reflect no idea where to insert yourself.

As a member, the hero, too, and the only primitive motivation - any way to get to the desired location. When he reaches the interim target - a mansion in the prestigious and high status among neighbors blagosostoyatelnyh - Lugo / member of a little relaxed. But then again the natural instinct makes itself felt, and character into her old ways. This symbolism is very simple masculine incredibly fit - also zero brains and almost unconscious tendency in a certain direction.

More passive characters, Anthony Mackie and rocks, in turn, are similar to satellite-balls. The latter, which is typical, painful congenital cancer (the plot - the transcendent debilizmom), so it becomes a source of at least half of the problems of genetalnogo triumvirate.

Of course, this symbolism in Michael Bay could be obtained only unconsciously - an Austrian doctor would be in complete awe of this picture. However, the "Anabolic" still remain the best work of the director for seven years. Good acting, albeit a bit stalled, but not a trivial plot and extremely powerful charge of class hatred from the top down.