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Monday, May 20, 2013

Kon-Tiki download

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Kon-Tiki Review

The creators of the film "Kon-Tiki" not to be envied. They, for sure, watched "Life of Pi" - just imagine their suffering! While all progressive mankind constantly lisp which simpampulya this tiger, and screeched to throw themselves to the ground when the pussy smilingly bared teeth, those poor Norwegians clutching his head and swore resignedly. How do you want after such a monument to film about Pacific Drift? Let coped even more fundamental than the Scandinavians, but someone from this easier? In overseas rolling them painting exhibited as an afterthought.

The main trouble "Kon-Tiki" that dirty dog ​​Ang Lee a lot of it has already shown. Moreover, a kind of svolota showed much better. And the clusters of stars, blooming in the night sky, and the scope of the unruly elements, and even lyumenistsentnyh skolopendr, who probably has a respectable Latin name. Well, the production capacity of Hollywood predictably exceed European: clear the stump, the picture they will have more beautiful. Duck, did you go and the sandwich story they smeared at times multi-layered meanings and emotional charge which reeks tangible.

However, this is not a reason to tighten the strap on the farm pants and get ready to shake a pitchfork ritually burn all copies of this northern creativity. Yes, the place of action - an endless expanse of water - all the same, but the story is something different! And apart from koshatnicheskoy melodrama - even very bad. Yes, even just by itself - is excellent, which is already there. Gift that is based on the accomplishment of vzapravdashny.

In fact, the "Kon-Tiki" easily could have passed for a film not about the anthropological feat, which he is, and for the highly spin-off of "Jackass." After all, the whole batch is reduced to a dramatic uncomplicated: to cross the ocean on a raft - weak? .. Challenge accepted! A pseudo-scientific discoveries - it's just a nice bonus, attached to this mad escapade.

Components of worthwhile movies are just beginning to take shape together like in the ears is the wind whistling adventure. Directors if and Philo, sometimes letting their design slightly to slip, then later show aerobatics, offsetting any flaws. Bright sunny shots all kind shout that on the other side of the planet, too, are sometimes able to take off for the audience, not for the festivals. Raft generously poutykan enjoyable actors, among which the most notable tall tower, depicting Heyerdahl. It seems doubtful that the timbered building is sinking not only because of his stubborn belief in his own right. It is so steep that not even know how to swim when cranked his rousing escapade. Probably easier to knock home a theory of quantum immortality slobbering village idiot, how do you explain this daredevil accessible concepts such as "fear" and "leaping point."

Subject acute interaction with the animal kingdom is also not neglected by. For public relations take the rap edricheskie sharks. Their concert is quite a long one, but damn it, an all-time blast. A long time ago, these beautiful thick creatures were not as frightening and spectacular on the screen. After the session, the workers can successfully replenish materials, if not too lazy to scrape out chairs bricks in a panic deferred audience in the most intense moments.

However, the authors of works about real people and events, it is time to think of something with his decadent habit in the end credits start pessimistic help, accompany all participants of the action to the light. It seems to have been shown a film about the triumph of the human spirit - and here, by the way, are all dead. Very nice, do not say anything. Thor Heyerdahl was clearly not the worst candidate to finish the story about him saying, "And then he broke the space-time continuum, bowed three times the galaxy and live forever" - or something at least duhopodemnym. In the end, just to be witty and sometimes sin fib a little.


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