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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Batman in Superman the movie: what we know so far

For a long time been told that Warner Bros. and DC Comics was prepping the film Justice League for release in 2015. Seemingly in response to incredible success with Marvel Avengers, it seemed that we finally went to see heroes such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Flash together on the big screen in live action for the first time ever.

With no longer the case. After months of reports, rumors and speculation about 2015 movie Justice League fell apart. But in its place, rose from the ashes like a Phoenix, it is a completely different project for fans of the comic book movie for: Superman/Batman in 2016.

The Film was officially titled Batman in Superman: the Dawn of Justice and the collection of all of the messages that has come out from the new film and sequel to the Man of Steel-, it was announced that we've broken absolutely everything we know so far about the project. When is the movie coming out in theaters? Who will direct? Who will play? What's the story about? You will find all the answers to these questions and more below!

Henry Cavill and Zack Snyder on Man of Steel
Due to the fact that the man of steel more than 660 million dollars around the world, was very little hope that Zack Snyder and Director David Goyer I t return to the sequel, and this assumption was proven true when Batman in Superman: the Dawn of Justice was announced at Comic-Con in 2013 with Snyder directing and working with Goyer to develop the story. While Goyer wrote the original draft screenplay, finally, Academy Award winning screenwriter Chris Terrio Argo picked up the pen. Production started with the planned hit on Ko 6 may 2016. And what's more Snyder is now officially attached to direct the upcoming film Justice League, which in the Batman, Superman will lead directly into the.Batman v Superman logo
When Warner Bros. announced that they would move forward with the movie, Superman/Batman, that the person belongs to a plot synopsis, tells us about what the movie is, but the title to provide us with an interesting tip. While we expect that they will eventually fighting on the same side at the end of the story, the name of the Batman in Superman: the Dawn of Justice suggests that the Dark Knight and the man of steel will be from the film as enemies. In shots on Comic-Con San Diego 2014 was proposed, that the man of steel has a big beef with the Caped Crusader as the latter with the former, but it is still unclear. How the story will deal with all of the major supporting characters also remains a mystery.Henry Cavill as Superman
Following the footsteps of Marvel Studios and begins to build a larger film universe, the Warner Bros. doing Batman in Superman: the Dawn of Justice establish a new view of the Caped Crusader and build on what has already been established with the man of tomorrow. As expected, Henry Cavill playing Clark Kent/Superman will return and will continue to learn how to live up to his fate and also trying to find its place on Earth with humanity. Something tells us that the hero will be probably also will have to deal with the fact that the man of steel not only kill him his enemy, General Zod, but also offset half of the metropole in the battle in advance.

Proceed to the first look at the new Batman with his new Batmobile and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman to ...

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