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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Best of the week: Comic-Con leftovers, Martin Scorsese's childhood passion project and more

Best of the week: Comic-Con leftovers, Martin Scorsese's childhood passion project and more

By Christopher Campbell 01 August 2014

The important news

Last weekend at Comic-Con, we've gotten first realized the following announcements: King of the monsters will be accompanied by three fan favorite creatures in Godzilla 2. If that's not enough giant beasts, Universal is also making a prequel set in King Kong and Skull Island with the title.

The main cast of Ant-man and the characters--including Lilly as WaSP-Ebantzelin-uncovered during Marvel Studios Panel. Oscar winner Chris Terrio (Argo), which Batman v Superman scripting: Dawn of Justice, will continue his work on the DC movies with Justice League.

The Psalidocheris getting a sequel in comic format. So Django are freed, and he partnered with Zorro. So is Galaxy Quest, and there might be a movie sequel, too.

Well we got our first look at Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, a battle scene concept for Avengers: the Ultron and age highlights from night at the Museum: secret of the Tomb.

While all this was happening, Pseudo superheroine movie Lucy crushed superhero movie of the mythical Hercules at box office.

In other news, Warner Bros. made a movie franchise out of books Dragonriders of Pern. Jamie Foxx is set to play Mike Tyson in a new biopic. Some of your favorite filmmakers are pushing for the perpetuation of Hollywood film. Bruce Campbell to get his own Film Festival. And this sounds like it would have come out of Comic-Con, but we can expect 3 Avengers in 2018.

Check out all the new movie posters that debuted this week. And here's the first poster for Tarantino hateful eight.

And, revelry with a first look at the Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda: A Love Story.

The videos and things Geek

Trailers: Tusk, Mad Max: Fury Road, fights hunger: Mockingjay-part 1, the death of "Superman lives": what happened? Sin City: a Dame to kill for (red zone), the Hobbit: the battle of five armies, see no evil 2, Atari: game over, the maze runner, night at the Museum: the secret of the grave, Frank, in the Woods, Intersteller and asylum Stonehurst.

And here is a round-up of the best trailer of the week as well as a special Comic-Con trailer version. Hey, have you seen the year's most-watched movie trailer?

More wrap-ups Comic-Con full of posters, games, cosplay videos and photos: best of day two; things you might have missed the day two; things you might have missed the day three; movie posters? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles nest and vehicle Gallery; videos from the best teams, and a music video showcasing the best costumes.

We reviewed the guardians of the Galaxy comic format. You can guess where the name of the spaceship from guardians of the Galaxy comes from?

Check out this test material for the movie Deadpool that never happened. Watch Guillermo del Toro Robert Rodriguez tell how to make a monster movie. Watch The Rock help a researcher get revenge on some high school bullies. And watch James Franco and Jimmy Fallon a movie game summary.

Here are all the Marvel movies ranked by you. Now watch a montage of every Marvel movie Easter egg.

Before the guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn made another superhero movie featuring a slow-talking raccoon.

Another reason to re-watch Fritz Lang's Metropolis: here is the version with an all-star scoring electronic music in the 1980s. This mockumentary show Stanley Kubrick faked the moon landing?

Read the letter from Tom Hiddleston excitedly wrote to Joss Whedon after reading the screenplay Avengers. Look at the storyboards for a Roman epic designed by an 11-year-old Martin Scorsese. Watch Brian Cox, teach you how to write the perfect movie novelization.

Watch the guardians of the Galaxy review Schmoes. And discuss the top five franchises sci-fi movie.

Our features

For discussion: What movie won Comic-Con? Who had the best cinematic career, The Rock or Scarlett Johansson? What was the last trailer for change your mind in a movie?

Also, our resident geek handily ranked winners and losers of Comic-Con, our resident comic movie while experts defended Gal Gadot of Wonder Woman look. US resident sci-fi expert argues that the guardians of the Galaxy is the movie supposed to Green Lantern.

A detailed look guardians of the Galaxy's perfect soundtrack. A more detailed look at some badass talking animals in movies. A close-up look at posters for sci-fi comedies (Imagine all of them).

We asked author/producer Ari Handel, who was the most difficult film of Darren Aronofsky, Noah should be made or the fountain.

Here's our guide to what hit VOD this week, and what is new about Blu-ray and DVD. Make sure to study our calendar August movies, too.

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