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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Transporter legacy hits theaters next year

Jason Statham may no longer be behind the wheel as the transporter, but Frank Martin is still alive. Statham doing his time as a heroic courier in three hit movies, but as he moved away, EuropaCorp was planning to use the electoral law. And now their plans have kicked in full force.

EuropaCorp has announced that March 16, 2015 The Transporter link brings to the big screen. The Film is the first of the trilogy and will bring us to the beginning of Martin leading up to the events of the original film. It is directed by Camille Delamarre, who made his debut this spring, as the man behind the brick houses. It seems that your new Frank Martin Ed Skrein, that game of Thrones fans might recognize the Daario Naharis as. Will probably sway Frank Martin trademark bald Dome, but here it is on the agenda in the event that you missed him.


Transporter Jason Statham is a Nice Guy Ritchie the day-player action icon overnight. As Frank Martin, the ex-special forces he now delivered goods from point A to point b., of course, he would always break the rules and examine the package, and finds would inevitably lead him to kick a bunch of fools in the face. Silly Transporter 2 was the greatest movie series in America, but Transporter 3 made a spectacular $ 108 million worldwide. Statham probably seen weakening the quality of films and their smaller profile in America and decided to bail (why does he The mechanic 2??). But there's still money to be here, and the property has great potential for growth in the checkout. Unfortunately, all due respect, Skrein is Statham hard luck, kid.

Statham is soon to be released The Expendables (3), The Legacy transport hit the screen at the same time on the transporter TV series airs on cable. The Show has hit different areas around the world and will soon debut on TNT in America. Chris Vance (Rizzoli & Islands) and Violante Placido (Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance), the movie also has the continuing adventures of Frank Martin. This character is one time a dude. The Transporter heritage could be the beginning of new concessions on the screen? And that he chose something other than "Legacy" the Slap at the end of the title? Jason Bourne must be PISSED.

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