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Saturday, August 2, 2014

The best movie trailers of the week: Comic-Con version

Welcome back to the best trailers of movies of the week, a column where we carefully the best new movie trailers that have arrived online last week.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Sin City: A Dame to Kill for

Having come out of Sin City with absolutely no desire for more, it was not surprising that the first two teaser for Sin City: A Dame to kill for is not strike much of a chord. Two run with the same style and tone, but I could connect to it then and that happens even now. However, the new red-band trailer shown at Comic-Con has something that the other two don't-an infectious beat. I still have little to no idea what happens in telling this, nor care, but in this case, that does not stop the trailer from being a blast to watch. The visuals are bold and well composed, and you're so good you cut "Babes" from the icy flowers piece winds up plays like an extremely attractive music video.

Mad Max: Fury Road

After all that growth (over 120 days of filming and almost two years of postproduction), who knew the Mad Max: Fury Road will wind up being one of the biggest winners at Comic-Con? After the Board of Warner Bros. Hall H, Mad Max is the only one I heard for the rest of the trip and now I know why –-this trailer is incredible!  Has got barely any dialogue even know exactly what happens, can effortlessly connect with Tom Hardy's character and then get a big thrill watching him get a little revenge. Also doesn't hurt that you can freeze-frame any random second from the piece and land on an absolutely stunning wall-worthy shot.


I have wondered how the horns could potentially work then that rather silly-looking yet of Daniel Radcliffe on the surface, and this trailer has the answer: with black comedy. Maybe this was obvious to those who've read the book of Joe Hill full length, but as someone who does not know the source of the material, the style of this trailer came as a good a pleasant surprise. The concept is ridiculous and it is almost impossible to Radcliffe seriously with the horns, but know this promo and this is what makes it work. If the full feature embraces humor alike, this could be loads of fun in the dark, perhaps in the style of Jennifer's body.


We know that he'll be a little offbeat from the first day, but this trailer, in fact, do just the opposite by horns. Michael parks nature is eccentric, to say the least, but this promo project approaches in a manner surprisingly grounded. Justin Long may be a little grating, but still comes across as a nice, normal guy, so when he finds himself in this extremely alarming situation, do you believe this and this makes it extremely unsettling even if there is not a single image category.

The Hobbit: the battle of five armies

When you have a rather short trailer with minimal story detail for what is bound to be another epic adventure, providing a solid feeling of tuna is absolutely crucial--and the first promo for the Hobbit: the battle of the five armies proves it. The combination of dialogue, video and music are so in sync, makes you feel the disaster all this war, destroying any hope for peace, before the fall issue on you. "I'll follow you, one last time?" your trailer does very well the risk ahead, and gives the whole weight of the world, leaving you very willing to answer and what will happen after the last item.

What is your favorite movie trailers of the week?


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