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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Watch the movie the Marvel Universe threaten to Thanos in phase 1 & 2: a look back

In 2008, Marvel Studios and Paramount Pictures very risking by releasing Iron Man, set into motion the plan to create a film substance that would either success or failure. Although there have been some rough spots, phase I finished with a resounding success Joss Whedon The Avengers, officially creating the universe continuity, the most that have ever seen the comic book movies. Movie Marvel Universe was born. But where is the birth, is certainly a death; and where is death ... is Thanos!

By Mark Ruffalo Twitter feed we got fairly harmless, but a sincere message of gratitude from the man behind the massive green angry Monster himself. Unbeknownst to anyone, who has not been to Comic Con, this video contained a clear view Thanos on the throne, complete teasing section premonitions dialogue. Fortunately, it looks like Ruffalo Marvel had permission to release the goods this time.

This video outside of the guardians of The Galaxy, is the first clear look and sound that we have from Josh Brolin Thanos! Just when you thought that the video end to the epic moment of rockets to be demonstrated again, Marvel comes with a sinister lover's death, he promised "to bathe in the blood of starways [our heroes]." If you are a condensation phase I and II into a trailer that sells the high points of the mythos, as well as sell so strongly that you had the guardians of the Galaxy have no choice but to buy tickets immediately after the video, this is the way to do it.

While other companies try to turn off the leaks of all shapes and sizes, Marvel has a reverse strategy and embraced the leak's visage of Thanos. In fact, just sold me on the movie even more to see that clip and it makes me wonder just what kind of danger phase 3 will have for the guardians of the Galaxy, as well as The Avengers. Also, one last fun fact about Thanos, before we go: remember, a few months back when Kevin Feige and Business Week teased a character on the throne of the rocket propulsion and how this actor's identity should be kept secret? The children, it was a story about how Business Week met Josh Brolin Thanos!

And you can with it, and when you see that the guardians of the Galaxy in the theaters this weekend! I have to say, though, as much as I love this video, there is one very big nitpick I have with her. If you want to leave with Thanos ' ominous words ringing in their ears, have fun and enjoy the movie! But if you want to find out whether one of your nitpicks (and I know that you have at least a handful of) with my singular matches nitpick with this video, then click on some extra shifts on page 2.

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