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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Yikes! Instead of the guardians of the Galaxy Theatre could

When Marvel announced their plans for the first time to create a movie, the guardians of the Galaxy, there were some concerns that the public might be too familiar with the lesser-known comic book property to show up in crazy numbers necessary to achieve profits. Based on the early buzz and pre-sale tickets, it seems, a ton of people fought over the confusion and got on board. Unfortunately, that doesn t mean there weren't a few more smaller problems t confusion, as evidenced by a theatre, which mistakenly showed the rise of the guardians of the place.

With the truth. According to Kotaku, a theater in New Jersey delayed the superhero film, James Gunn, which debuted yesterday with the underwhelming, the two year old DreamWorks Animation film. No wonder people in the theater were less than thrilled.

Take a look at this poor girl with the mood of the rise and fall based on her tweets

So what could be wrong? Well at the time due to the fact that this story has gone viral, projectionists and theatrical works, many of the talk. It seems to Rise Of The guardians showed up recently as part of some children with afternoon clubs. More than likely someone identified as a digital file in your hard disk as a "Guardian". Then, whether he was tapping into the film they saw Guardsmen already on the list, and never mind the correct film recording into the system. As a result, when it became clear the problem, there was no easy solution to fix the t, especially because other midnight screenings were probably full.

It sounds like a comedy of errors too strange and random, but exactly the same problem actually happened in Richmond, Virginia, too. Look at that man with the very famous Tweet

Long story short, it's a great reminder of all the work in the field of theatre that always stands for a couple of minutes to check. When people go to see movies, they tend to be very passionate and invested, in particular as regards the opening weekend. Nobody wants bad energy and bad press associated with not giving them what they want. In this case what he missed was really good.

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