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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Star Wars Episode VII: Darth Vader showed up to play the wrestler

If you really want to be an actor, starts as a professional wrestler is not the worst way to go about it. The rock is one of the biggest stars in the world. Bautista has played a major role in guardians of the Galaxy and Hulk Hogan was in a series of Rocky. The overlap may occur on a semi-regular basis, therefore, is the latest Star Wars, says it is not t is immediately buried in the garden.

The former WWE Champion Sheamus recently went back to Ireland to spend a little time. While there, supposedly lived near Skellig Michael, who just so happen to where Star Wars: Episode VII shot. Most people would do with coincidence to believe, but according to the Irish Mirror, there he was, because he could appear as Darth Vader in the upcoming movie. Of course, it is quite absurd, but Sheamus has actually played famous villain on a promotional tour before, and if it appears to the Darth Vader, he will likely plays a large, invisible dude in a black suit and voiced by James Earl Jones.

As a true showman Sheamus did absolutely nothing to dispel rumors when she got his attention on Twitter

As our sister site giant freakin Robot pointed out there with almost no scenario that would see Sheamus plays modern Darth Vader would be a giant freaking disaster. He (really old spoiler alert) he died decades ago, and he doesn t need to be brought back through some magic, hocus pocus crap that would in turn franchises in the joke. It's been said that could appear, flashback or a vision, that of the characters has. Both of these scenarios are believable, and they even add some of the evolution of key figures, if properly processed.

More than likely, this will be the reputation of the pass without Sheamus appears in Star Wars: Episode VII, but I'd say it will be the worst thing in the world if he, at least, it was in the above conditions.

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